What we do with our time

is what we do with our life.

Polo armour is a protective capsule that travels through space and time.


All-terrain, of a new luxury, altruistic, ultra-comfortable, elegant, ethical and ecological.

This term appeared during World War II. A vehicle designed to be comfortable on any terrain, to save lives, and to carry more than 2 people.

Instead of going fast for the sake of going fast, it allows the analysis of a situation.

It offers height, to observe better, to pay attention to what surrounds us, to others and to admire our world.

With a design made to last. Its versatility lies in its strength.

New luxury is about who you are, not your appearance.

The word luxury comes from ancient Egypt, “lux” meaning light, radiance, illustration, ornament.

The idea of light is intimately linked to knowledge and truth. For Plato, the knowledge of good is like the light of a flame that shines in the soul.

The only ornament to be sought is that of the soul.

Cum fortis, means in Latin : to have strength together. A formulation that resonates like the famous “may the force be with you“.

The idea that remains from its first meaning is the opposition to effort. Comfort reveals the condition of one who succeeds effortlessly.

Etymologically the word comfort means in harmony with forces

This word was created by the French philosopher, founder of positivism, Auguste Comte, from the Latin alter : others, and the suffix -ist, forming a word corresponding to an attitude, a behaviour, an ideology.


Altruism is a selfless feeling of love for others that can be instinctive or reflective.


If we wish to move our society towards a positive economy, towards a happy and respectful living-together for future generations, it is important to understand the key notions that we defend for the future.


From the Latin elegantia, who knows how to choose. One chooses one’s way of thinking, one’s lifestyle, one’s relationship with others.

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Ethics is a reflection on purpose, on the value of life, on the conditions of happiness, on the notion of “good”, on the behavior to adopt in order to make the world a kind place. A search for the ideal of society and the conduct of life.


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The elegance makes the knight.

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