Beijing Polo Club is a wonderful place. It is very close and yet feels far from the hustle and bustle of our days in CBD and endless nights it Sanlitun.

Tang polo club has a true countryside feel about it because it is surrounded by trees and greenery. The gigantic manicured lawn of the polo field and the smells of nature offer grounding and reconnection. The Wenyu river streaming by also adds  beauty to the scenery. The two story architect wooden building on the side of the field is a perfect blend of natural modernity.

beautiful view on beijing


The Tang Polo Club was established in Beijing in October 2010 on a 35,000 square meters area. It  has 2 polo fields, 200 individual stables and a 5,600 square meters indoor arena. Its magnificent polo ponies come from Australia, Argentina and the UK. The club also owns polo stallions to breed its own ponies.

there is a lot to enjoy at the Beijing Polo Club aside from playing or cheering a polo match. Visitors will find an exquisite restaurant, a swimming pool, tennis court, sauna and steam rooms. On the grounds you will also find a gorgeous Boutique Hotel that is worth leaving your room at the PuXan hotel vacant for the night. There is also a polo gear shop where you will find your perfect polo denim and polo shirt by Claude & Storz as well as your “I play polo in Beijing” designer T-shirt. 

The Tang Polo Club hosts numerous annual polo tournaments. The “Royal Salute China Open Polo Tournament”,  the “Cartier International Polo China Challenge Tournament” and of course the very exciting British Polo Day which could be described in a few words : polo, smiles, couture dresses and fun!