A polo SHIRT cut from the best weave, that’s our polo fabric.

We provide the best polo fabric in the world

After studying chainmail with historians and archaeologists, we designed a polo fabric woven like chainmail. The raw material of The Armour is both soft and strong. This fabric adorns you with a protective coating. You ready to face and conquer everything.

The best material. Because the most elegant polo shirt requires a perfect weave.

The choice of yarn and the way it is woven determines the nature of the fabric of your polo weave. The cut of is an essential element to define the perfect polo shirt but so is its fabric.

The material of a weave is as important as its shape, weight and the reinforcement points that make it up.

The fabric of the Claude & Storz polo shirt is 100% fair trade and organic cotton.

It is light, comfortable, resistant and ready for anything. Because every detail matters in a polo shirt.

The best for your Armour

The Armour is such that you can imagine it as a strong, resistant garment, ready to follow you everywhere.

The fabric we use has a feel that matches what you can imagine from your armour. Rigid and comfortable, light and breathable. This is the visible part of The Armour.

our polo shirt is like this armour strong