The best travel polo shirt

The Claude & Storz polo shirt has been designed to be always ready for any challenge and ready for adventure in all elegance.

Our polo shirt is the ideal travel polo shirt. Elegant in all circumstances, light, comfortable, versatile. As ideal as the man who wears it when travelling.



Travelling is encountering several situations in the same day and we thought about it. That’s why the Claude & Storz polo shirt, is able to follow you everywhere and you are free to go with the flow.



Always be elegant without making any effort. Whether it’s before, during or after boarding the plane. You never know who you might run into in an airport lounge. In your Claude & Storz suit of armour, it’s always the right time for a video call.

You’re the pilot of your life, you’re the captain of your boat. A travel polo shirt to take your boat with your friends and discover a new paradise island. 

polo shirt to travel with your family. To be comfortable at every moment and elegant on every photo. 

A polo shirt to travel and to play polo. As soon as you land, you can race to a polo field with your children who will be able to find their ponies.

Travel in this polo shirt to go and sign the contract of your life and embark on an exciting business adventure. 

A travel polo shirt to go and find your love.

The Armour is the travel polo par excellence, travel to Sydney to sign a contract on the same day, play polo and enjoy the New Year’s Day fireworks in the city’s most beautiful restaurant.




Especially the inner journeys. Perhaps the greatest journey of all is the one that leads to the encounter with oneself. 

The journey is the displacement, both physical and mental. It is an experience that transports to a new destination or a new way of seeing the world. Travelling is learning more about oneself and others.


The simple evocation of the word travel opens the doors to daydreaming. We imagine sumptuous mountains with grandiose landscapes, distant lands just waiting to be explored… We think of the trip we promised ourselves to make one day, the one we will take the time to contemplate and marvel at, with our hearts and eyes wide open.