A life made for dreams to come true.

From a social housing tower block, to the most beautiful street of Paris via Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Marbella and Dream Come True Ecolodge.


Lonesome child living in a 3000 people social housing tower block, I spend my time in front of the television. I dream of escaping reality. I wish I had an armour to help me take the punches and criticism. 


this kids dream about armours, he create knight stories

One day, I meet Zor. 

A young dragon from the destroyed planet Ors. 

Zor and I become inseparable.

Zor and I become inseparable.


The years pass and   we discover together the City of Light that shines beyond the world of cities. Paris dazzles us with its elegance and brilliance. The energy of the air permeates the approach and attitude of the inhabitants.


I am not of this world but I now dream of being part of it.


The years go by and we discover together the City of Lights that shines beyond our world. Paris dazzles us with its elegance.


I am not from this world but I now dream of being part of it.

Paris inspires me. With scissors and needles, I transform my clothes to have the image that I chose. I wear them and the way I see myself changes. So does the way others look at me.

My attire is an armour that I am proud to wear.

Throughout high school, TV is my inspiration to choose who I want to be. 
A man who preserves nature, feels useful, who is rich, free and happy. I choose to heal, to help human bodies to heal from their wounds with my hands and my energy. As I can’t afford any college fees, I offer the director of an osteopathic school to work for him in exchange for a free education. He accepts.
Day after day, I train myself to feel the energy field that applies to all living beings and that some call the “Force”. A few years later, I treat tendonitis and retractable capsulitis.
Patients come from all over the world to see me. My office is on rue Cambon. In this elegant neighborhood, I treat people who inspire me. People who express who they are through their creativity and offer their vision to the world.
One evening at an art gallery opening, I meet a polo player. The next day, he introduces me to this sport. I am hooked. I find the adrenaline and pleasure of my childhood games, when I was  laughing with Zor, running down the gigantic hallways of my tower block.
I’m hooked. I leave to learn polo in Argentina, set up a second osteopathic practice in Hong Kong from scratch, and then I move to Marbella, near the polo fields of Sotogrande. I just can’t get enough life experiences. I spend my time traveling.
One day Zor says to me : “You have everything you’ve ever dreamed of, you live like those you admired on TV as a child, and you are still seeking happiness.” He is right. The feeling I am experiencing the most is guilt and not joy. How can I experience bliss while on Earth hundreds of millions of people have no freedom, water or food. While forests are burning and animals are eating plastic.

I have a vision. A timeless and versatile garment with unlimited elegance and absolute comfort. A mono product whose sales proceeds restore nature and enrich the 120,000,000 people who are impoverished in the cotton industry.

A project that combines everything I have ever dreamed of. My dream resonates in Zor’s heart. 
“I lost my planet, I didn’t understand why I had come to Earth, to you. Now I know, it’s to help you bring the C&S armour to humans.
You respect the force. You admire it when you contemplate the positive change in a healing body. You know that all beings live in symbiosis. This bond, this balance, is the love that weaves our armor and makes it so powerful. Love makes beings invincible.”
Claude & Storz is born.
These armours have the power to make me make peace with my past. I understand that my story is a chance, that the real wealth is that of the heart. I have received a lot, now it is my turn to give, to share. I now live in the moment and in happiness.
The sales of C&S armour are intended to give consumers the power to live in the world that they define.
The armour comes in 100% green packaging. They fund the development of Vertical Cotton, Zor’s invention to preserve water and create new wild spaces on Earth by verticalizing cotton farming, while recycling plastic and growing forests.
This solution offers freedom and enriches cotton farmers. 


Claude & Storz armour opens up a much deeper perspective than what it shows. Much more than an elegant silhouette, they reveal the best in those who wear them and make them protectors of their kingdom, the Earth.

Zor and I have always been one. The dragon is the part of us that knows no fears, that knows that anything is possible.


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