Polo in Chantilly, the French Countryside

It is late June. You land your G6 at Paris Le Bourget and make your way to the Peninsula Paris Hotel. Paris fashion week begins tomorrow, and you and your closest friends are attending a FHCM men’s fashion week show at the Grand Palais. You dine at Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée on Champs Elysée then head to the lively Chez Castel where you share bottles of Bollinger champagne with Leonardo DiCaprio. After an extravagant week in Paris, you are ready to relax with your favorite sport.

Chantilly, France is just 55 km north of Paris. Imagine leaving the hustle and bustle of Paris’s city center and arriving at Auberge du Jeu de Paume, your 5-star home for the weekend. You step out of your car and instantly take a breath of fresh countryside air. Your first stop is the Domaine de Chantilly. It is only a six minutes’ walk from the castle turned hotel. It is a Saturday in June, and the trees are wonderfully full and aromatic. Birds are chirping. You feel like you’re in a dream. As you walk along the path, you hear a soft “clip-clop” in the distance. Beautiful horses gracefully trot around the corner. You’re right near the stables of the Domaine de Chantilly. It is a perfect day to watch polo at the Chantilly Polo Club.

There is nothing that quiets the mind like escaping to the French countryside. You arrive at the Chantilly Polo Club to find the untouched forest coexisting with luxury cars, private jets, beautiful cellists, vintage champagne, and 9 fields of perfectly manicured grass. The club house’s floor-to-ceiling windows light up every room. You get seated outside under the white awning, and a server brings you a glass of Dom Perignon Champagne. There is a special elegance in the air, and you cannot wait to watch the Sport of Kings in a royal setting.

History of the Enchanting Chantilly Polo Club

Patrick Guerrand Hermes founded the Chantilly Polo Club in 1995. Although the club is relatively new, there is a strong history and legacy of polo in Chantilly. It is common to witness experienced, wise players teaching the magnificent sport of polo to their sons and daughters, and even to their grandsons and granddaughters.

The Chantilly Polo Club has continued to flourish ever since hosting the Polo World Cup in 2004. Today, Chantilly is the best polo school in all of France. The club’s commitment to legacy, elegance, and the future of polo are unmatched.