Deauville is the oldest of Europe’s leading polo clubs


The horse is king in Deauville and has a place of honor. This is probably why polo matches take place in the city center. Games are heald in the heart of the Deauville racecourse, a few hundred meters from the beach. Sometimes, horse races even take place at the same time as the polo matches.

The Deauville polo club has 3 fields, including two all-weather sand polo fields. The facilities can accommodate up to 250 polo ponies.

Sometimes, the 3 polo fields of the Deauville Polo Club are not enough. On those days, players meet on the beach for a beach polo demonstration. Beach polo is the opportunity for the most experienced players as the youngest ones to show a wider audience what polo is all about. One can even see small children improvising a stick and ball on their Shetland ponies.

it's the deauville beach where you can see polo horses galloping into the sea in the morning.

Deauville IS a spa for polo horses


Because polo horses are high level athletes, Deauville is the ideal place for their well-being. Early in the morning, the people of Deauville can hear the sound of hooves clattering down the street that runs along the famous Hotel Royal de Deauville.


These are the polo horses on their way to their daily cardio training routine on the huge and famous beach of Deauville. Early risers who wander in the morning on the Planches de Deauville are in for a treat. It is magnificent to watch the polo ponies go by while sipping coffee at the Bar du Soleil or at the Bar de la Mer.


The beaches of Normandy are an ideal terrain to train polo horses. This is why Calvados is a such appreciated area for those who practice polo, horse races, dressage, jumping or steeple chase.

After a long canter on the beach of Deauville, the horses can bathe. First, they immerse their legs fully in the sea. Then they let the waves provide a natural and beneficial massage to their delicate tendons.

It is a tailor-made treatment as the ones their riders like to receive at the Deauville Thalasso, which is only a few meters away.

in August, Deauville is The place to be, and not only for polo!


The Polo tournaments take place back to back in Deauville in August. First the Ladies Cup, then the Bronze Cup followed by the Silver Cup and at last the famous Gold Cup for which the biggest international teams compete.

Beyond polo, Deauville is a famous seaside resort. Located 2 hours from Paris, Deauville is a glamorous town. It gets filled with Hollywood stars during the American Film Festival. In between games, polo players keep their perfect polo denims on. Along with their “I polo in Deauville” T-shirts, it is the perfect outfit to wander the streets lined with luxury boutiques.

The atmosphere of Deauville in August is bubbling. Longtime friends meet at the fresh market place Morny. They need to supply their large country houses in local fruits and vegetables. Because they have large groups of friends and family to feed.


The Royal and Normandy hotels are full and you have to be lucky to find an available table at Les Vapeurs.



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