Welcome to the laboratory of a dream. A dream of beauty, nature, abundance, strength, connection to the Earth and love.

A place created to take care of oneself and others, share ecological innovations and make them free for those who need them.

In Bordeaux in the village of Guîtres which owes its name to the Latin Aquistriae (three waters) is a timeless place, the Dream Come True Eco-lodge.

The origins of this ecosystem

It all started with the creation of clothes : polo armour.

To weave these clothes, we were looking for a cotton capable of enriching the Earth and Men. This cotton did not yet exist. It’s up to us to invent it at Claude & Storz Dream Come True Ecolodge, nursery of Vertical Cotton®.

Buying polo armour is the best way to support us and carry our values.


Horses and their riders communicate without bits or harnesses, raw. Horses live in freedom and are always ready to play soft polo without nets or saddles, connected to their riders by the mane.

The art on some walls of ecolodge buildings is just as decorative as a reproduction of reality using a symbolism intelligible by society.
Our space welcomes artists and is open to visitors.


Waste is worth gold!


By placing them in the right place, they become fertilizer, food, cooking gas, structures to develop the Vertical Cotton -created by Claude & Storz and experienced at L’Ecolodge-.


Aperitif – main course – dessert

At dream Come True Ecolodge, live the time of a dinner, the experience of a delicious future.

In the middle of a future edible forest, in the garden or in the chartreuse,
our solar oven, our biogas stove and our wood stove allow us to create a fusion cuisine, caring, vegetarian or vegan, delicious, inspired by travel and that brings people together.

Make this innovative table d’hôte a real place of research and experimentation of the food of the future that inspires and pollinates
its environment, such is our ambition.

A unique formula according to the inspiration of the day and the products available locally: