Dubai Polo Club : A Tranquil Oasis in a Bustling City

Dubai is known as one of the world’s most luxurious cities, where sparkling skyscrapers meet vast waters in the middle of the desert. The city’s contradictive landscapes can defy even the wildest of imaginations. Upon arrival, imagine standing in the port of Dubai. One direction, you see three-story yachts lined up against a breathtaking backdrop of brilliant blue waters. The other direction, you see Lamborghinis zipping across winding highways in front of world-class skyscrapers. At night, Cavalli Night Club, Cantine du Faubourg, Burj Al Arab, and countless other night clubs, restaurants, and hotels light up the sky. After an extravagant night in Dubai with friends and family, one may be looking for a break from the hustle and bustle. The Dubai Polo Club is nothing short of a perfect escape.


Hop in a car in Dubai’s city center and travel only 20 minutes before arriving at Al Qudra Road to find 68 acres of serenity: the Dubai Polo Club. Entering the Moorish-style doors is like teleporting into a tranquil Oasis. Walk through the club’s corridors to find perfect polo fields, Spanish-style horse stables, peaceful staff, and camels walking freely. Don’t let the mellow ambiance fool you, though, for the Dubai polo matches are as fast-paced and competitive as they come. Each Sunday, world-class teams suit up in their best polo attire as they prepare to put on a show and take home the trophy.

Dubai Polo Club History

The Dubai Polo Club allows players, spectators, and visitors to experience the rich heritage of Arabian polo.

The first Dubai polo team was established in 1993. Ali Albardly, the club’s founder, wanted to give polo a chance to flourish in the UAE, which led to the construction and opening of the Dubai Polo Club. Up until 30 years ago, all polo was played on sand in Arabia. The Dubai Polo Club was the first to offer the opportunity to play on grass, and therefore the first to allow the Middle East to become a top player in the polo scene. In fact, the Dubai polo team has won the Queen’s Cub and the Golden Cup – two of Europe’s most glorious titles.

Today, the club offers much more than competitive polo matches. Members and visitors bring their friends and families to enjoy recreational polo lessons, exquisite dining, luxurious pool parties, relaxing Ramadan spa treatments, and sunset camel rides through the desert.


Polo Club Memberships and Partnerships

Becoming a member of the Dubai Polo Club is synonymous with becoming a member of an exceptional and luxurious lifestyle. Memberships are limited and highly selective. Once accepted, members enjoy all of the club’s luxurious facilities. In addition to memberships, the Dubai polo club demonstrates its superiority by undergoing partnerships with the Dubai Hills Golf Club, the Arabian Ranches Golf Club, and the Dubai Marina Yacht Club.