“No matter how good you look physically, no matter how smart you are, no matter your social status, wealth or fame…
If your definition of elegance doesn’t involve your actions, then it is wrong. That is all I’m saying. »
Fabien Claude-Storz

The word comes from the Latin electus, chosen.
Elegance is often associated with aesthetics and often too much reduced to clothing.
In the collective imagination, the one who is elegant is well dressed. For Claude & Storz this term encompasses a chivalrous behaviour, a code of honour. For us, elegance is a question of elegance in ethical and intellectual terms. Which is why it transcends the simple field of clothing.
An elegant person is a person who chooses the best in the fields of attire, as well as verbal expression and conduct.


Because elegance is a way of being, of considering one’s fellow man, of communicating.


Elegance is synonymous with ease, allure, eloquence, beauty, charm. What we find elegant in a person is the harmony. The way they think is consistent with the way they speak and also with the way they behave. Perfection springs from this naturalness.


Elegance is natural. Therefore it requires no effort and puts people at ease.

Elegance is a manifestation of love. First love of self, then of others and of everything around us. It is a chivalrous nobility of the heart. This is why we weave each mesh of Claude & Storz polo armour with the ambition at heart to build a better world alongside with a perfect attire.


Claude & Storz’s efforts to create the perfect polo armour are not aimed at enriching our company, but at making our world more beautiful.


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