One polo shirt

One polo shirt, to make decisions, to take action, to go on adventures, day or night

to make decisions

to take action

to go on adventures

day or night

handsome rich polo player in a white polo shirt and a white polo jeans is walking in Paris protecting the Earth

and make the world a better place.

the earth is protected by a new ecommerce business zerao waste
dragon faceguard
THE starship
The master


Claude & Storz is the story of a child who dreams of protecting the Earth with the extraordinary power of an armour.

New luxury, altruistic and all-terrain, with a mission to change the world.

It takes up half the ground space and saves thousands of liters of 💧


Organic at the price of GMO cotton 🔥


Reforests previously cultivated land to make new habitats for  🦒🌸


The conversion to vertical cotton is totally free for farmers


The cotton belongs 100% to the cotton farmers for them to make more 💰


100% traceable 🔎 from its plantation to the finished products

Our packaging is our postal parcel.


You receive it, open it and send it back to us effortlessly, because it is a returnable postal ✉️ envelope. 

We clean it and reuse it.

Handcrafted in Paris, made of 100% ♻️ recycled cotton.

Zero waste packaging