One polo shirt

One polo shirt, to make decisions, to take action, to go on adventures, day or night

to make decisions

to take action

to go on adventures

day or night

handsome rich polo player in a white polo shirt and a white polo jeans is walking in Paris protecting the Earth

and make the world a better place.

the earth is protected by a new ecommerce business zerao waste

and make the world a better place.

dragon faceguard
THE starship
The master

OUR innovations.

This armour symbolizes an ethical and elegant world. The elegance is a nobility of the heart, that comes with love, and most of all with trust.

What is it worth to you ?*

This is a sincere question. We are glad for you to buy this product for what it is worth to you*. After all, you are changing the world, we are just a tool for you to do so.

This approach invites you to put consciousness into the act of buying. In the act of taking possession of an object in exchange for money, and therefore energy.

How much of your energy is worth the energy that the earth provided to create the cotton, that the farmer used to grow it, that the weaver used to prepare it, of our actions for zero waste packaging, the recycling of plastic found in nature and the vertical cotton?

*Legal minimum price according to the Commercial Code – L. 442-5

Claude & Storz is the story of a child who dreams of protecting the Earth with the extraordinary power of an armour.

New luxury, altruistic and all-terrain, with a mission to change the world.