forged TO WIN

The dragon face mask, a facial protection for playing polo on horseback.


It impresses your opponents, reinforces your powers and takes you beyond your limits.

With this dragon face mask, all eyes are on you. You are the Dragon Knight. You are strength and balance. Because your are calm and lucid, you show remarkable wisdom and astonishing self-control.


You are a powerful fighter with great composure. You stand out because of your ability to defeat opponents against whom your companions have remained powerless.


On planet Kandor, Storzium – here called Al13 – is a natural and extremely rare metallic body. It is never found as metal in nature.


Despite numerous references to the contrary, the Al13 of the Earth’s crust is an extraordinary chemical element. Because of it properties, this substance is in the Mendeleiev periodic table of elements with a boiling point of 1107 degrees C.


To this day, its exact nature remains a mystery.


Indeed, for several centuries, the Kings have guarded it as a sacred and secret treasure. It is a relatively soft silvery metal. With an addition of less than 1% of silicon or iron steel, it becomes incredibly harder and tougher.


Al13 has a very low density of 2.7 g/cm3. It combines great lightness and remarkable shock absorption capacity. It does not fade and is recyclable for life.


Al13 notably composes spacecrafts, with a proportion of steel and a catalyst of unknown nature, which allows it to stop superhuman impacts.

The manufacture of a dragon face mask is made to order, 4 to 5 weeks are necessary for our

Metal craftsman to bring to life armour with soul.

One size fits all.


Claude & Storz armour for Knights who care