The perfection of the animal world.


Grassland insects pollinate flowers. They are our hardest working gardeners. Their presence attracts storks and small terrestrial predators that feed foxes and badgers at night.

Ducks devour slugs while chickens crowd out flies.

Dogs protect poultry and keep us company.

Gophers aerat  the soil and feed owls and raptors birds.

Fish maintain the balance of ponds, get rid of mosquitoes and feed the heron.  


Water & An edible forest.


Sources, a river, a swimming pond with fish and water plants, numerous ponds and streams with their fascinating biotopes to observe during a walk or meditation.

We feed the soil, to grow an abundance of fruits and vegetables, which feed humans, insects, birds and … soils.

Our edible permaculture forest inspires us surprising -mainly vegan and always vegetarian- recipes. Book in advance and come and enjoy dishes, sauces, spreads, dressings, sorbets and our inimitable nettles pie!