Where do polo players play in Hong kong ?

Hong Kong has each year more and more polo players. So where is Hong Kong Polo Club  located? Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant cities on our planet. Full of energy, it sparkles with creativity. New businesses start and expand by the minute. In Hong Kong, centuries old temples and Victorian buildings stand alongside with skyscrapers. The heart of Hong Kong Island beats all the way  through the new territories and Lantau Island.


Polo In HK

Hong Kong is rich with a very traditionnel Chinese Clans culture and a Brithish heritage. This is why today people drive on the left side of the road, enjoy their afternoon tea and are passionate about horse races. How about polo? Polo is so rooted in British culture that it seems impossible to dissociate them. Especially since 2011 when British Polo Day officially became a worldwide thing.

the hongkongese mountains with its jungle, sea and polo club

Hong Kong Polo Club ?

Hong Kong Polo Club would ideally find it’s place in Sai Kung. It would nestle in between the lush jungle and the turquoise sea. The polo players  would head to Saikung floating seafood market. There, they would enjoy a simple yet delicious fish after an exhilarating match. They would stay in their perfect polo jeans which are ideal in the Hong Kong climate, as hot and humid as it may get.


Actually there is a Hong kong Polo Club. The only thing is that it isn’t exactly a Polo Club. There is no polo field in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Polo Club doesn’t have horses. It isn’t a place that you can go to to play or cheer a polo match on Hong Kong Island or in the New Territorries. It is a Club of polo enthusiasts who want to spread their enthusiasm.


Many people are passionate about polo in Hong Kong and would love for a Hong Kong Polo Club to see the day. In the mean time they are building a Hong Kong Polo Team.

Hong Kong Polo Team.

Polo players of Hong Kong train intensively to take part in the Hong Kong Beginners Cup. A polo tournament which isn’t played in Hong Kong but in Tianjin.


The main part of the polo training of the Hong Kong Polo team consists in flying as regularly as possible to train in different polo clubs arround China. In between polo trips, the Hong Kong polo players practice polo moves on wooden horses. They also practice on foot. They can of course improve their riding skills in riding schools.

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