“I Play Polo in » T-Shirt, an emotions collector.

A precious moment can be lived only once, and then be worn forever.


It is the day of my 36th birthday, I am playing a practice in Sotogrande. My children encourage me screaming from the top of their little lungs. My team wins. A home baked cake and lit up candles are prepared for me on a white tablecloth at the edge of the field. This simple friendly match is one of my best polo memory. I did not even think about taking a picture.

Back home, I draw on a blank piece of paper “I play polo in Sotogrande”. It is a tag. A snub to my first life. A keepsake. The idea of ​​”I play polo in” t-shirts is born.

Each Polo Club is a destination, a match, a personal challenge to win. Some are known worldwide as Palm Springs, Ham or Palermo. Others are confidential. When you play away from home, you bring your culture, your language, your horses and your habits into a place out of context. We adapt, we open to novelty, we add important pages to the book of his life.