We want to keep a record of our experiences. The “I play polo in”® T-shirts are keepsakes. A piece of ourselves that can be worn, in which new precious moments will be lived. A piece of memory.

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A 100% organic cotton fabric, light and silky to the touch.

A rich young woman wearing a t-shirt i play polo in gstaad
a young man whose face has been hidden by a mirror is wearing a rare and expensive t-shirt with the inscription i play polo in deauville

Made in France 🇫🇷 and in Portugal 🇵🇹.

A T-Shirt that is more elegant through its actions.

A t-shirt that create and finance a Revolutionary Organic Cotton, Vertical Cotton® :


  • which returns 2% of 🌎 surface to nature,
  • creates prosperity for organic cotton farmers,
  • saves thousands of billions of litres of 💧 per year,
  • protects 🦒 and 🌸.


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A t-shirt packed and sent in a zero-waste packaging made in Paris 🇫🇷.


> The true zero waste package



On his 36th birthday, just before sunset, Fabien Claude-Storz plays a polo practice in Sotogrande. His friends and family are there to cheer him on. At the end of the match an asado and a huge birthday cake await him.


As he blows out his candles, a music starts. A famous DJ friend has just come out of nowhere ! From a simple friendly polo match, this birthday has turned into an unforgettable party and a precious moment of life. 


The next day, by the pool of the Marbella Club, thinking back on his birthday, he draws on a blank piece of paper “I play polo in Sotogrande“. It’s a tag.

A wink to the tagged walls of his childhood ghetto and to his little boy’s dreams. Dreams that he believed in tirelessly and that he now lives.

This tag is a keepsake. The idea of the “I play polo in” T-shirts is born.

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