At Ham Polo Club – The London Polo Club members are like a family of polo lovers.

The Polo Club of London is known to be one of the most welcoming polo clubs in the world. The polo season takes place from May to September, and the games are open to anyone interested in watching them while enjoying a champagne and cucumber sandwich pic-nic on the beautiful lawn or a fabulous lunch in the clubhouse.

The club is extremely dynamic and events take place back to back during the polo season. Friday night polo matches are a must do. After the thrill of the match, guests are invited to enjoy the music of a live band, and then to dance the night away in the clubhouse. The most important matches are held on sundays, and the clubhouse is then stricly reserved to members.


There are different types of ways to be a member of the London Polo Club. Although the full playing memberships are fully subscribed, professional memberships are available for players with a 2+ handicap. The social membership is also an amazing opportunity to be part of the Ham Polo Club family along with the supermodel Elle Macpherson, the 10 goal professional polo player Adolfo Cambiaso, the 9 goal professional player Lolo Castagnola or the Patron of the Dubai Polo Team Ali Albwardy.

when you ask where polo comes from, people naturally think of England, of London. The history of polo is intimately linked to London and its history.

Thrilling Polo tournaments are held in London

Many polo tournaments are held in London during the polo season. The most expected one is probably the Roehampton Trophy. First of all because it is played at a 6 goal level, but most importantly because it is one of the oldest trophies in the United Kingdom, first played for in 1902 !

Each summer month holds its 4 goal polo tournament. The first on in July is the Summer Tournament. Then comes the Argentine Club Tournament beginning of august, one of Ham Polo Club’s favorites. And last but not least in the height of the season comes Stepien Lake Tournament.

The season always opens with the Ham House Tournament in may. The conditions are the ideal for ponies and players to enjoy their first proper game of the summer.

The two most cherished tournaments among the Ham Polo Club members are probably the Petersham Bowl and Billy Walsh Tournament Final. The first is held in June and brings together all of the London Polo Club’s regular teams. The second is season’s finale. Billy Walsh ran Ham Polo Club for many year with great enjoyment, and this tournament reflects perfectly his fun spirit.