“We were looking for the best organic cotton in the world : ecological, fair trade with greater water savings than ordinary organic cotton and with full traceability. We had to create it. Vertical Cotton” Fabien Claude-Storz

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You reap what you sow.


“As far as matter is concerned, we were wrong. What we called matter is only energy, whose vibration has been lowered to the point where it becomes perceptible to our senses. There is no matter.” Albert Einstein


“If you want to discover the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, information and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

We used the concept of the musicologist and physicist Ernst Chladni: “vibration (energy) is at the origin of all forms”.

We have highlighted frequencies, imperceptible to the human ear, that every living being feels and appreciates.


Joy, love, happiness. 


This sequence of frequencies in the form of music allowed us to create the weaving, the shapes and the cuts of our armour.

Because of these different frequencies, the cotton atoms of our armour naturally intertwine according to a complex algorithm to form a perfect shield.


Sewing needles for organic cotton interlaced like the knit of the claude storz luxury organic cotton polo shirts.

As we forge the mesh of our armour, inspiring music fills the atmosphere of the workshop. The water we use to fix the final cut of a suit of armour is also impregnated by this music. Since water is an extremely sensitive material, it receives and maintains the vibrations of the notes.

The same way as music has an effect on the parasympathetic and limbic nervous system of people, it has an effect on our armour.

The waves (propagation of vibrations in space) that we emit through our armour, carry Claude & Storz’s DNA.