A capsule navigates through hyperspace with no destination. Alone on board is a child. He’s fleeing Ors, his homeworld, destroyed by an ultimate clan war.

Contaminated by fear, the Orsians had become individualistic and obsessed with their belongings, letting their greed for power lead them to self-destruction.

Before fear appeared, like a disease, peace and harmony reigned.

The Orsians wore extraordinary armour, capable of revealing the nobility of the heart and the unsuspected powers in every being. Masters with such skills became increasingly rare. The armor gradually disappeared.

Conscious of their vulnerability, Orsians were seduced by fear, which plunged them to their doom.

The young Orsian, now at the far end of the Milky Way, is approaching Earth. He decides to land on this blue planet, watched over by hundreds of orbiting ships.


He arrives in France, in Villeneuve la Garenne, near a massive arc-shaped building. He expects to meet giants on Earth. Yet he is the giant. Earthlings call him a dragon.

One day his path crosses mine. A lonesome earth child trying to escape from reality. I dream of wearing armour that would take punches for me.

Our connection is instantaneous. We are inseparable. I name my dragon Zor. 

My childhood goes on alongside with him, made of dreams and drawings of knights and super heroes. 

Years go by. Zor and I discover the City of Lights that shines beyond our tower block world. Paris dazzles us with its elegance and radiance. The air is like electricity, we can feel its energy in the way people walk, move and smile. 


I am not from this world but now I dream of being a part of it.

With Zor’s help, I self-educate. I learn all there is to know about the City of Lights’ secret codes.


I work on my appearance. I wish for my outfit to underline the elegance of my heart. Paris inspires him. I transform my own clothes into works of art. I wear them and the way others see me changes. So does mine. 

Years go by, I finish school. I decide to become a caregiver because I want to help human bodies heal from their wounds using my hands and energy. As I cannot afford the school fees, I offer the school director to work for him in exchange for free education. He accepts.


My dragon is a precious ally and teacher. Day after day, he trains me to feel and use the energy field that applies to all living beings and that some call the force. A few years later, I use this force to treat pathologies that are said to be impossible to treat quickly in manual therapy : tendinitis and adhesive capsulitis.


Patients come from all over the world to see me. I stimulate vital energy to create movement where the body and emotions are frozen. 


My osteopathic practice is located on rue Cambon in Paris, the most emblematic fashion street on Earth. I am surrounded by people who express their vision through Art. I feel where I belong.

One evening at an art opening, I meet Jérôme, a polo player. We immediately become friends. The next day he introduces me to this sporting art. I ride one of his horses. I am immediately hooked.


I feel the adrenaline and the pleasure of my childhood games, when and Zor and I used to run down the hallways of our housing tower block, laughing and screaming from the top of our lungs. In this sport, even for the best player on the planet, it is team cohesion that leads to victory.


I fly off to Argentina to train.


Back in Europe, I take up residence in Marbella, near the Sotogrande polo grounds. I spend my time between my Parisian practice and Marbella.

I have a vision : a one and only timeless outfit capable of following its owner on all terrains and in all situations. Totally versatile, with limitless elegance and absolute comfort.

An outfit that would allow all men to bring out the best in themselves, and to access the infinite power of their abilities.

handsome rich polo player in a white polo shirt and a white polo jeans is walking in Paris protecting the Earth

A project that combines my passions for polo and clothing with my urge to direct my energy towards life on Earth.

My dream ecchoes in Zor’s heart. He shares with me the secret of Orsians’ armour.


“You know the Force. You experience it when you bring positive change into a wounded human body. You know that all living beings are connected. This bond, this strength, is the love that each Orsian Armour Master transmitted through his work and that made such powerful armor. Love dissolves fear and makes beings invincible.

I lost my planet, now I finally understand why I came to Earth, to you.  I am meant to help you bring Ors’ armour to mankind. »


We then begin to design and create armour capable of annihilating fear and adorning humans for all situations. 

Armour that does good around. Revealing the best in those who wear it, making them knights, protectors of their kingdom : Earth.

Since the dawn of time, clothing has opened up perspectives much deeper than what it shows. What we wear reveals much more than an elegant silhouette.


The human race is beautiful when it makes decisions out of love. When it helps the weakest and cares for those in need, or protects the flora and fauna. For the common good, humans unite their powers as one. Humanity is then indestructible and capable of adapting to all situations. This is how Mankind will succeed in transforming, rethinking life on Earth to protect it.


Zor and I create Claude & Storz out of love.


Zor and I have always been one. The dragon is the part of us that knows no fear, for whom everything is possible.

Our story serves a fundamental and true mission.


Claude & Storz is a brand of new luxury with a mission that profits to all, producing sustainable armour that offers the power to protect life.




Claude & Storz armour is designed with attention to detail, out of love and to last.

Timeless and elegant in any situation and extreme conditions.

Strong, comfortable, and ready to follow you.

Claude & Storz armour protects the Earth.

The elegance makes the knight

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