all the fashion city like milan have a polo club.

A day in Italy’s fashion capital, and the fashion polo city.

Affluent jet-setters and Italian natives can experience Italy’s rich culture in a city that’s fueled by fashion and business, not tourism. Your jet lands at Milan Linate on a Friday afternoon, one of Europe’s most exquisite private jet airports. It is Milan fashion week, and your driver takes you through streets full of Louboutin stilettos and bespoke sunglasses to the Bulgari Hotel Milano. You indulge yourself to a spa treament before heading out for a luxurious Milan evening.

The Polo lifestyle in Milan


The first stop is the Duomo Cathedral where your concierge escorts you view Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper. You then head to Nishiki restaurant where you and your polo friends enjoy five star Japanese cuisine in the sophisticated, modern ambiance.

Then, you get dropped off at Via Montenapoleon for a couple hours of shopping, one of the world’s most high-profile fashion streets. Second to fashion, Milan is known for its vibrant nightlife. One cannot visit Milan without going to Byblos Nightclub, a melting pot of hot celebrities, corporate billionaires, and opulent locals.

You and your friends get a table next to Kendall Jenner’s and bask in the smooth house music, michelin-star servers, and chic design.

Saturday morning, you travel 15 km to the Milan Polo Club for a day filled of extravagant action and high-profile spectators.

horse are the most important in polo without it there is no polo

Polo Club in Milan


The Milan Polo Club was founded in 2010 by passionate Italian polo players, and it is already the perfect representation of the polo’s lavish and elegant image. Club leaders state,

The Polo, more than a sport or a game, is a lifestyle. As the most beautiful sport, it is extreme, athletic, exciting. Features are well suited to the players we address. Their age varies from 20 to 50 years; have success, class, a high social status and are lovers of luxury and comfort.

The club boasts 10 hectares of professional fields and training programs for players of all skill levels. The Milan Polo Club partners with Ibiza Polo Club and Monte-Carlo Polo Club.