le polo club de moscow est aussi incroyable et luxueux que cette oeuvre d'art

Development of polo in Russia with the Moscow Polo Club

The Moscow Polo Club is since 2003 promoting the developement of the sport of polo throughout Russia after nearly 100 years of its absence during the communist regime. Its mission is to develop the sport of polo by training new polo players and expanding on the breeding and training of polo horses.

Polo in Moscow


This is mostly thanks to Alexis Rodzianko, the head of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia and director of the Moscow Polo Club. When this passionate polo player bought the Moscow Polo Club, it was nothing more than a logo a few horses and 4 goal posts. It is now a totally rebuilt polo Club located in Tseleyevo, a beautiful and remote foresty region of Moscow, with a full summer and winter polo season. The two polo fields which are the length of nine football fields have been described by the British Polo team as some of the best they have ever played on.

The Moscow Polo Club is the largest polo club in Russia, and one of the only clubs in the world with a snow polo season. Thanks to the Moscow Polo Club, Russia now appears on the international polo map. Alexis Rodzianko is proud to say that majority of the polo players competing on the polo field are now Russian, which wasn’t the case 10 years ago, when foreign polo players needed to join to make a full polo team.

Polo is such an addictive sport, and the conditions to play it all year long at the Moscow polo club are so ideal that new players get hooked and progress very fast.

Located about 2 hours drive away from Moscow, the polo club is now a destination in itself, even for the spectators who enjoy the priviledge of a glamorous and natural escape from the city.

The Moscow polo club also has a practice field, an arena and a 1 km track located on 74 acres of the Tseleevo Golf and Polo Club. The polo club is home to over 60 excellent polo ponies imported from Argentina, Europe and the USA. Moscow polo club is the first organization to breed polo horses in Russia.

The winter polo season is from mid January to mid March, and the summer polo season lasts from mid May to September. Both seasons are a great opportunity for polo players to experiment how limitless their perfect polo jeans by Claude & Storz are in extreme temperatures.

The Moscow polo club also hosts an annual polo academy for kids to learn to play the Sport of Kings. The sport of polo is taught to beginners in 3 stages in the Russian polo club. Equestrian skills, then swing technique and at last the polo game strategy.

la glace et la neige à moscou est le meilleur endroit au monde pour pratiquer le polo pour jouer au polo sur neige à moscou, gstaad ou st moritz

Snow Polo in Moscow

Although snow polo was first played in St Morritz in Switzerland, the Russian polo club of Moscow is one of the only polo clubs in the world to host a full season of snow polo. The highlights of the snow polo season are the Russian-Swiss Polo Tournament, The Moscow Snow Polo Cup and the Russian Snow Polo Championship. The shows even attract hundreds of guests coming to cheer and attend these very cold polo games. Snow polo fans are well taken care of in Moscow. Welcomed in a heated marquise, they are served hot tea, mulled wine and a signature bourbon cocktail.

Snow polo is known to be even more captivating for the audience then summer polo as the polo matches are much easier to follow. The polo field is smaller which makes the game more compact, even though each polo team has 3 polo players instead of the usual 4. Also and most importantly, the ball is twice as big as the ball used in summer polo and it is bright orange which makes it very easy to spot on the white snowy field.

The polo players need to wear technical polo clothing to be able to comfortably go through such a fast pace cardio exercise in such low temperatures. The perfect polo jeans by Claude & Storz tested by polo players in the polar cold and the tropical heat is a must.

Some of the best players from Russia and Switzerland – such as the best Russian polo player Misha Rodzianko – take part in these snow polo tournaments in Russia.