Organic cotton

a gold dragon polo is wearing a polo helmet. It is stitched on a polo shirt fabric


Breathable fabric

90% more ecological

Made in Portugal

The Knights of the blue planet

Natural air cool system

Luxury strong embroidery

The model is wearing a short sleeve polo shirt

The most elegant polo shirt

Our polo shirt is 100% organic cotton, made in Portugal.

We only use real mother-of-pearl buttons sewn by hand, and we have integrated a natural air cooling system.

Its keystone is its collar.

It always stays perfectly in place, and you look like you’re wearing a shirt with the comfort of a polo shirt.

Mother of pearl buttons


All the Mother of pearl buttons of the polo shirts are unique.

a gold dragon polo is wearing a polo helmet. It is stitched on a polo shirt fabric

The elegant polo shirt is the garment a 7-year-old child dreams of while attending a Polo Battle.

He is fascinated by the best player. He has the power of a dragon, the aura and elegance of an emperor.


He wears a white polo shirt with a golden dragon on his chest.

This child is gifted with extraordinary abilities with wild quadrupeds. He is the only human within hundreds of miles to possess the gift of driving these fiery, powerful and fast animals. He is an outstanding technician, able to train them and turn them into polo horses. But the land he lives in is too secluded for him to ever be detected.


While his destiny seems sealed, he meets a polo player who sees in him the strength, energy and fearlessness.

He teaches him the strings to become the best player on the planet. Beyond technical performance, a polo player must have the deepest commitment, the purest spirit and an elegance that is beyond reproach, because he never knows who he will be facing.


The outfit reflects the person :



Imagine a man with a collar that never moves, dressed in strong and souple fabric, woven like a chain mail. A garment with a perfect fit, struck with a golden dragon on the chest. This man seems invincible. Free to go wherever he wants, to do whatever he wants.



Thirty years later, the child has become the man he had admired at the age of 7, in his premonitory dream.He is not only the best player on the planet, but above all an example of elegance : his quality as a person, his attitude both inside and outside the arena is exemplary.He shows great moral and intellectual distinction, chivalrous in even the most violent game as in life.

He proudly and honorably wears the golden dragon polo shirt every day, recognizable by all.

a gold dragon polo is wearing a polo helmet. It is stitched on a polo shirt fabric