Organic cotton

a gold dragon polo is wearing a polo helmet. It is stitched on a polo shirt fabric


Breathable fabric

90% more ecological

Made in Portugal

The Knights of the round planet

Natural air cool system

Luxury strong embroidery

The model is wearing a short sleeve polo shirt

The most elegant polo shirt

Our polo shirt is 100% organic cotton, made in Portugal.

We only use real mother-of-pearl buttons sewn by hand, and we have integrated a natural air cooling system.

Its keystone is its collar.

It always stays perfectly in place, and you look like you’re wearing a shirt with the comfort of a polo shirt.

Mother of pearl buttons


All the Mother of pearl buttons of the polo shirts are unique.

a gold dragon polo is wearing a polo helmet. It is stitched on a polo shirt fabric

Je viens de recevoir mon polo manche courte. J’avais peur qu’il soit trop masculin mais sur les photos pour femme il était top. En fait je suis bluffée par la qualité du truc,  c’est bien plus qu’un polo c’est vraiment de la folie il est trop classe. 💃

Marie Ja / Facebook

This polo shirt is amazing. 4 stars because i want it now in black, blue !!!!!! I order first the long sleeves for my business days it’s amazing ! I will order a new short sleeves 🙂 I could not imagine to need to only wear polo shirt everyday. Soo many good compliments from my office colleagues and the woman… THANKS!

Nicolas Di Gio... / Facebook

Excellent work. Very good polo shirt. No need shirt, works perfectly. Congratulations !!
Waiting for a new short sleeves, regular. Very excited.

a gold dragon polo is wearing a polo helmet. It is stitched on a polo shirt fabric




If this polo shirt is considered to be the most elegant polo shirt in the world, why is it not more expensive ?


That is a a very good question indeed ! Here is the big difference between us and any other luxury polo shirt brand.


1 – We don’t need advertising. As a matter of fact, our polo shirt is world famous for being the most elegant in terms of the quality of workmanship. Moreover, the feel of our fabric and all its details make it the best luxury polo shirt in the eyes of those who love of the finest polo shirts in the world.

Hence, we do not add any advertising costs to the price of our polo shirt.


2 – We do not have a shop. Our ecological clothes are sold by partner shops or on our website.


3 – Unlike other luxury brands, our aim is to employ talented, passionate people in France and Portugal.


4 – The money we earn allows us to finance a new and even more virtuous cultivation of organic cotton.

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How is it possible to find the best top quality polo shirt at a low price?

We are the first altruistic new luxury brand. We are in the fashion industry to change fashion!

Our vision is to make sustainable clothes. We only use organic cotton fabric and our products are only made in Porto or made in France to offer the best polo shirt quality.


A good polo shirt quality means longevity and longevity means a good investment.