Mother of pearl buttons of the most elegant polo shirt

All the Mother of pearl buttons of the Armour are unique.

Of course, mother-of-pearl is by its nature full of mystery and surprises. For example, depending on its origin, it can be pink, white, black or yellow. Furthermore, according to the part of the shell from which it is extracted, it can differ in colour intensity and structure. Finally, in different lights, it can have the appearance of a stormy sky, a clear moon or iridescent reflections in water.

only the best, mother of pearl BUTTONS

At Claude & Storz, the mother-of-pearl is never artificially coloured. Indeed, a lot of work and skill goes into enhancing its natural beauty and preserving the original hues. All M.O.P buttons are unique pieces.


Some will see in its reflections a stormy sky about to be torn asunder by a streak of lightning. At the same time, others will see a stunning constellation of billowy clouds.