Meadowbrook Polo Club, NYC Polo Club

Certainly, New York city is superlative. Indeed, people say it was built to astonish the world. It hosts the best, the brightest, the creatives, the dreamers, the people who believe anything is possible.

Let’s say you arrive in New York City by jet on Thursday afternoon. First, your driver takes you to the St.Regis New York hotel in Manhattan and you drop your belongings off in your suite.


You’re already thinking about going to the New York Polo Club.

Secondly, you take one step out of the hotel, and there is something in the air that makes you feel a good night’s sleep is useless. Also, something that makes you feel like you belong to NYC even if it’s only your first visit. As the dinner hour begins to approach, the roads and sidewalks are filling up with young entrepreneurs, aspiring artists, corporate leaders, fashion icons, and booming celebrities. You jump in your driver’s Porsche GT3 RS and fly across the Golden Gate Bridge to Daniel, your favorite restaurant in the Upper East Side.


After the sun has gone down and you’ve finished your champagne, the city is bursting with energy. You drive past Soho Manhattan’s vibrant lights, electric streets, and roaring music to meet your friends at GoldBar Nightclub.


Finally you head to the VIP room and drink cocktails and dance until the sun comes back up.

Morning has come, and you’re itching to get to Meadowbrook Polo Club for a weekend full of polo at the United States’ oldest club. Meadowbrook offers years of history combined with advanced facilities and the best players from around the world.


For instance, the club even hosts an indoor field so members can play year round. Your driver drops you off at the clubhouse. It is clear the dress code is something along the lines of “garden chic”. You walk into the luxurious VIP tents where you meet the rest of your friends. Following, you sit down at a table next to a woman wearing a beautiful t-shirt “i play polo in NYC”.


As you look up, you are not especially surprised to see that it’s Gwyneth Paltrow enjoying a cocktail next to her friends. The players look sharp as well – wearing their best apparel that allows them to move freely while looking their sharpest.

Meadowbrook Polo Club History

Thomas Hitchcock, Oliver W. Bird, and August Belmont started playing polo on the grounds of the Meadowbrook Racetrack in 1879. A couple of years later, the Meadowbrook Polo Club was officially founded, and the first polo field was finished in 1884. The club quickly turned into a hotbed for passionate polo players and vibrant fans. Today, it remains the most popular club in Long Island and an international polo gem.


The first world renowned event was the annual Open which took place in 1923. The tournament attracted top teams and spectators. Just three year later, the 1926 Open brought 30,000 fans to Meadowbrook. The 1928 Cup of the Americas saw over 100,000 fans.


Can you imagine the atmosphere?

Picture yourself in NYC in the middle of the roaring 20s – when New York became the social and economic capital of the world. Jazz was booming, parties were over the top, flappers were redefining fashion, art deco was exploding, anything was possible, and creativity was limitless. The Meadowbrook Polo Club must have been nothing but a good time.


Unfortunately, World War II brought polo to an end for quite some time. In 1968, though, Meadowbrook club reopened in Old Westbury – Where it remains today and has been on the uprise ever since.

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