The Eldorado Polo Club or Palm Springs Polo Club is known as Coachella Valley’s tropical paradise. Surrounded by mountains, palm trees, and a passion for polo, the club continues to flourish as the “Winter Polo Capital” of the U.S.

Palm Springs Polo Club : Coachella Valley’s Tropical Paradise

Located in Indio, CA, Willie Tevis’s Eldorado Polo Club is known as Coachella Valley’s tropical paradise. Coachella Valley attracts a vast amount of music lovers and celebrities with Coachella Valley Music and Arts festival. However there are several reasons to visit this electric region of the United States. For instance, the Eldorado Polo Club deserves a spot towards the top of the list.

The Eldorado Polo Club has been nicknamed the “Winter Polo Capital” of the U.S. Because of its rich history, devotion to polo’s youth, and optimal winter polo conditions. Upon arriving to the Eldorado Polo Club, spectators choose to tailgate in the grass next to the fields or relax under the tents of the clubhouse. Both options offer a peaceful atmosphere adjacent to high-energy polo matches. Imagine sitting under the beautiful white tents accompanied by a comfortable breeze.


The red San Jacinto mountains lay beautifully behind manicured polo fields, swaying palm trees, and small ponds. In addition to the perfect weather and landscapes, the Eldorado Polo Club’s Cantina restaurant offers optimal services to maximize your Eldorado experience. The Cantina patio’s full-service kitchen and bar serves you directly next to the action.

Imagine sipping an ice-cold margarita with friends and family. At the same time, you are looking out at the 24 polo teams dressed in top-notch apparel playing in front of the mountains. Some have a passion for polo. Others just enjoy fast-paced entertainment and idyllic weather. For both, the Eldorado Polo club is a must-do when passing through Coachella Valley.

Eldorado Polo Club: A Rich History and Promising Future

In the 1950’s, Willie Tevis and the rest of his polo team had a burning desire to popularize polo  throughout the desert. This led the highly motivated team to construct the Eldorado Polo Club in 1957. The opening of the 12-field club instantly attracted players from around the area. Right after, polo began to flourish in Coachella Valley. Throughout the past 60 years, the club has hosted several U.S. Open Polo Championships. It has also housed many world-class polo players.

The club puts women’s polo in the spotlight. Recognizing and honoring the top women polo players, like Sunny Hale, through events held in the clubhouse. Today, the club continues to encourage the growth of polo. To do so, they help transform  young, aspiring polo enthusiasts into spectacular athletes.

Although the original founders experienced years of success, they could not pass up the incredible offer from Goldenvoice. Indeed, the owners of Coachella music festival offered to purchase the club. Because of Goldenvoice, the Eldorado Polo Club has continued to receive the revenue and popularity it needs to prosper as the Winter Polo Capital of the United States.