Private Polo Clubs of Mallorca

The Spaniard island of Mallorca has a bustling city center. Beyond,  miles of vineyards and sparkling blue waters surround it. This island destination is currently booming. Indeed, the number of flights from around Europe to Mallorca is increasing at an exponential rate. So is the number of polo clubs. One new polo club opens every year now.

Each club in Mallorca remains private and only hosts Spain’s most affluent players and high-profile guests. Imagine walking into Engel & Volkers, one of Mallorca’s top polo clubs.

To the left, you look out at the Ferraris and Lamborghinis lined up in front of the beautiful Mediterranean sea. To the right, you see miles of vineyards accompanied by the breathtaking Bordega Ribas winery. Of course the weather is perfect, and the setting is surreal.

After the matches are over, guests and players head to the Palma Beach Club for glasses of Petit-Fume white wine and Ruinart Blanc de Blancs champagne. Mallorca is famous for its electric party scene. It is Ibiza’s neighbor, after all. The club lies just meters from the coast.

The DJ is smooth, and the sun is beginning to set over the Mediterranean Sea. Many end up at the breathtaking St. Regis Mardavall Hotel to get some rest before doing it all again tomorrow.

Private polo in Mallorca is an opulent dream

Mallorca is full of beautiful people, Versace sandals, Loewe beach bags, “I play polo in Palma” t-shirts and exotic cocktails. While many private clubs thrive on extreme exclusivity, other clubs are looking to expand their offerings to the public. The prestige will live on, but a greater number of spectators and players will be able to join in.



For current club owners in Mallorca, opening up their private clubs to the public would be an intelligent business play and an impeccable investment. Why?


Because Mallorca’s affluent polo culture is perfect. The weather for training is optimal, and the landscapes are unbeatable. The warm weather conditions allows to practice and play 11 months out of the year. The horses stay in tip-top shape, and the players don’t have to take long winter breaks. Once the ball starts rolling, Mallorca will have no problem attracting world class players and spectators. The city is the perfect tropical vacation destination. Think about it from the players’ perspectives. They do not have to spend hours transporting their horses and equipment to Argentina. Their friends and family will be more than willing to accompany them.



Who would pass up the opportunity to spend a luxurious weekend in the paradise of Mallorca?

History of Mallorca


You may be wondering why Mallorca is not already the polo capital of Europe. Many years ago, the government put in place a couple of different laws. The objective was to restrict polo enthusiasts and affluent real estate entrepreneurs from transforming available land into polo club havens. A series of harsh droughts forced government bodies to create two rules :

First, all available irrigations must be given to agriculture fields.

Second, agriculture fields could not be transformed into sports fields. As years passed, the city became less paranoid about another drought. Just five years ago, legislation was changed.

Polo fields can now be created and irrigated in Mallorca.

With the repeal of the past restrictive laws, the stars have aligned in Mallorca, and we may have the upcoming European polo capital on our hands.

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