The Claude & Storz Secure Victory Mask

Your face is your most valuable asset. Do not hide behind a shield, show yourself indestructible.

To win a polo match, players need the best gear. The fastest horses, the best physical and mental conditions, a total confidence in their safety. Only then will they dare take all risks to conquer the  victory.

Claude & Storz Secure Victory Mask (SVM) is more than the first bulletproof plexiglass facial protection.

Claude & Storz SVM faceguard protects your nose, your eyes, your cheekbones, your mouth, your teeth and your jaw. Freedom of facial movements is total, its large openings assure a clear communication with the other players and a perfect air flow.

Transparent, it allows your supporters to identify you at any time and polo photographers to achieve your most beautiful shots.

Your polo team is the best, count on each other in complete serenity geared with the best facial protection ever – Claude & Storz Secure Victory Mask