The Hood, master of time



Its hood is a protective cocoon in which one can regenerate. Recharge.

It offers the one wearing it grounding. It is a mirror revealing a man’s unexplored face, it reminds its owner that he can still grow and blossom even more.

It gives the strength to make decisions and the quietness to project oneself where one wishes to go. Providing an unshakeable determination.


The power to define the future.

The shoulder, the key to space

For trained or untrained eyes, these shoulders command respect.


Whoever wears it has strong, powerful shoulders and a sophisticated Super Hero figure.


All doors open in front of him. He owns the space.

Great power for the good of all

Possessing the strength of the dragon and the elegance of the white horse you will go even further in your fight against injustice, to make people stronger and make positive changes for the planet.

No one is solely responsible for its success. It is the millions or billions of people who share, exchange, use, watch, listen and admire what you create that make your success what it is.


It is also made real by the people who help you, surround you and love you. And sometimes by a garment with mysterious powers…