For thousands of years on Earth, humans have been told tales and legends of humble, good and generous men with great powers. In order to possess these powers they had to wear mysterious hooded garments that were called “the Master”. This clothing allowed them to control space and time.
In full possession of their powers, these guardians of the Master made the world a better place.

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This was only a myth

until the Claude & Storz hoodie appeared.

According to experts, the Celda force is at the origins of this Hoodie. Its creator is unable to provide the slightest explanation of its power “I had a vision, I drew it, I made it real”.
It is said that its power and refinement would come from the encounter between two legendary creatures, the red dragon and the white horse.
It would be THE MASTER.


The Hood, master of time



The hood is a protective cocoon in which one can regenerate. Recharge.

The one wearing it feels grounded. It is like a mirror revealing a man’s unexplored face. Reminding its owner that he can still grow and blossom even more.

It gives the strength to make decisions and the quietness to project oneself where one wishes to go. Providing an unshakeable determination.


The power to define the future.

The shoulder, the key to space

For trained or untrained eyes, these shoulders command respect.


Whoever wears it has strong, powerful shoulders and a sophisticated Super Hero figure.


All doors open in front of him. He owns the space.

Great power for the good of all

Possessing the strength of the dragon and the elegance of the white horse, you will go even further in your fight against injustice, to make people stronger and make positive changes for the planet.

No one is solely responsible for its success. It is the millions or billions of people who share, exchange, use, watch, listen and admire what you create that make your success what it is.


It is also made real by the people who help you, surround you and love you. And sometimes by a garment with mysterious powers.


A Hoodie that create and finance a Revolutionary Organic Cotton, Vertical Cotton® :


  • which returns 2% of 🌎 surface to nature,
  • creates prosperity for organic cotton farmers,
  • saves thousands of billions of litres of 💧 per year,
  • protects 🦒 and 🌸.



A Hoodie packed and sent in a zero-waste packaging made in Paris 🇫🇷.


> Our zero waste packaging 

Claude & Storz are sophisticated clothing, designed with attention to detail, out of love and to last.

Timeless and elegant in any situation and extreme conditions.

Strong, comfortable to follow you.

Claude & Storz armour protects the earth

The elegance makes the knight

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