tangier polo club is the first polo club in marocco

Polo is back in Morocco in Tangier with the Polo Club PGH La Palmeraie

The Tangier based Polo Club is bringing polo back to life in Morocco in an enchanting and spectacular setting. An oasis of Mediterranean flowers and green manicured polo fields nestled in between dry desertic hills and the Atlantic ocean, bathed Northern Morocco soft warm light. A few miles away from the ocean, it’s the perfect location to train polo ponies.

On the beaches around Tangier, one is mostly used to come accross camels. Since the Polo Club PGH la Palmeraie exists in Tangier, one can appreciate the spectacle of dozens of polo ponies getting their legs massaged in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, only wearing their minimalist polo halters on their shaved manes. 


The sport of polo is rich with a long History in Morocco. At the end of the XIXth century, the English navigators had to make a stop before entering the Mediterranean see.

They often chose Tangier to do so and created there a polo club in Morocco which was one of the first polo clubs in the world, created at the same time as the Paris Polo Club and many Polo Clubs throughout England. 

A Polo Club in Tangier that aims to shine throughout Morocco


Created at the outskirts of Tangier by Patrick Guerrand-Hermes, this polo club of rare elegance offers to polo players a large cavalry. The founder who gave the polo club his name -PGH La Palmeraie- even aspires to enrich his stables with more Argentinian polo foals as well as english thouroughbreds by creating the first  center for equine artificial insemination in Morocco and Africa.

To support the expansion of the Moroccan Polo Club PGH La Palmeraie, its founder would like to see arising polo initiation and training centers in the major cities of Morocco such as  Marrakesh, Casablanca or Rabat, providing new players with polo ponies to learn and train on during the week before coming to play polo practices and matches in Tangier on the weekends.

PGH La Palmeraie : a Polo Club to discover


The grounds of Tangier Polo Club are so spread out it takes a buggy ride to see it all. The Morocco meets Argentina and French couture style Clubhouse is beyond refinement, and the field sides are shaded by gorgeous Berber tents.

The Polo Club in Morocco has already been the host of various international tournaments some of them up to 8 goal including the prestigious Lawyers Polo Cup. 

Playing polo in Tangier Morocco is an experience that is lived beyond the game. The PGH La Palmeraie Polo Club makes it unique for players by offering them and their families the opportunity to be hosted in luxurious tented safari camp style bivouacs set up for them in the  heart of nature.

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