They often say I’m crazy when I say I can do anything. My motto: “If anyone can, so can I. “


As a teenager, I wrought iron to create the furniture in my bedroom. A Valentine’s Day, I made a bronze sculpture my girlfriend’s bust. During my studies, to make money, I built a house, sold antiques and washed cars. I learned to saddle stitch and patinate leather to make a briefcase that I could not afford -mine was even more beautiful than the original-.

I learned to code and do SEO to develop alone the websites of my future osteopathic practice while I was still in school. Barely graduated, my practice was full. I went to buy lapis lazuli in Pakistan to make my bedside lamps. I ran for a stranger after the man who had just stolen her engagement ring and fought with him until he gave it back. I went through selections to become an astronaut and have travelled around the world with my toddler and baby children. I have made myself at home in appartement blocks as on polo fields.

I have no limits. I don’t allow for my clothes to have any.

Polo is traditionally played wearing white denims. Nothing is more uncomfortable.

One night at a friend’s house, we are talking about clothes. He too would love to own jeans that are truely made to play polo. I decide to create them. I picture them elegant with absolute comfort, a real visual signature and many accessories like in a sports car.

Claude & Storz invents the only jeans shaped to play polo

I assign a master tailor who is familiar with my perfectionism. He does not feel confident about my project. The request is extravagant, the fabric does not exist and the details are unprecedented.

The fitting is a disaster. The cut evokes a Jodhpur. I was warned. I am furious.

Back home, I get back to the basics and learn how jeans are made. To rewrite a classic, one must know it by heart.

I want them ivory, more elegant than white. The material they are made of must be noble, natural and resistant to the stains. After two years of work, the polo jeans are resulted. Their cut sublimates the silhouette and allows all the movements of which the body is capable.

The quest for comfort has always been the drive of great inventions.

Some 3000 years ago, in the Sino-Mongolian plains, visionary men invented the trousers so they could ride the horses they had domesticated. The comfort of this outfit made them the best riders in the world and their people the greatest conqueror of Central Asia. In the Empire of the Steppes, these men, with their passion for high-speed horseback fighting, galloped free of all movements. Exhilarated by their victories, they invented the first ball game in the world : polo.