Elegance with meaning


Fabien Claude-Storz has conceived the polo armour with the obsession of bringing transcedence into clothing.

“Men wearing Claude & Storz are limitless, so are their clothes.”

To this polo and design passionate, the sports of kings lacked of an attire suited for its brutality and refinement. An invincible and proud armour, setting warrior instincts and body intelligence free. Totally versatile, its comfort and elegance go far beyond the limits of polo fields.

Fabien Claude-Storz starts imagining polo jeans. Structured, comfortable, with a true signature and many accessories like in a sports car.

Inventing jeans for polo players.

He assigns a master tailor who is familiar with his perfectionism. The latter does not feel confident about the project. The request is extravagant, the fabric does not exist and the details are unprecedented.

The fitting is a disaster.

Bringing the best to every player.

Fabien Claude-Storz gets back to the basics and learns how jeans are made. To rewrite a classic, one must know it by heart.

They must be white and the material they are made of must be noble, natural and resistant to stains.

After two years of work, the polo jeans are resulted. Their cut sublimates the silhouette and allows all the movements of which the body is capable.

The quest for comfort, drive of great inventions.

Some 3000 years ago, in the Sino-Mongolian plains, visionary men invented the trousers so they could ride the horses they had domesticated. The comfort of this outfit made them the best riders in the world and their people the greatest conqueror of Central Asia. In the Empire of the Steppes, these men, with their passion for high-speed horseback fighting, galloped free of all movements. Exhilarated by their victories, they invented the first ball game in the world : polo.