We all know deep down that only love can save the world. We can choose to be our own superhero. Here, now and forever.

Fabien Claude-Storz is 7 years old, it’s a bank holiday, He’s watching TV and come’s across the Never Ending Story. The epic of a child a little older than him who is having a hard time with his father and whose mother is dead. The child spends his days dreaming and reading when a very unique book falls into his hands. With this book he travels a parallel world populated with strange creatures. During his adventure he is saved by a dragon.

For years Fabien has dreamt of being in this boy’s shoes, protected by a dragon who would help him save the world.

“Years went by and the dragon was always in my heart. I never told anyone. Yet my eldest son had until the age of 5 an ever-present imaginary friend : a red dragon.”

Launching Claude & Storz, the designer intuitively drew a red and gold dragon facing a horse. The coat of arms of the brand.

The dragon and the horse are yin and yang, two indissociable creatures. From their antagonism, power and harmony are born, leading to all victories.

The fight between these two creatures is an allegory of life : a game, a match against oneself, to overcome one’s fears and limits. The fusion of the dream, the dragon and reality, the horse.

“When I close my eyes, I see red, gold and then a white explosion.”

Red represents love. In all mythologies of East and West, the red dragon is tied to the earth and to fire. Symbol of power, it brings vitality, courage and energy.

White is the color of peace. In tales and legends of the whole world, the white horse is the sacred mount of prophets, kings, heroes and prince charmings.

For Plato the white horse represents the irrational part of the soul, that which gives momentum.

The red dragon uses his strength to defend and protect. The white horse uses his power to spread peace. We, men, hold a power whose potency we do not realize : love.