The perfect polo SHIRT collar


You must have seen, read in magazines that you have to choose a polo or shirt collar that is adapted to your morphology and to each occasion.

At Claude & Storz we believe that a person can do many things, we also believe that a polo shirt can do many things.  

With a Claude & Storz polo shirt you can go to work, we have also imagined it to be the best travel polo shirt. Of course it was first imagined to play polo.

To create the Claude & Storz polo shirt collar we made more than 35 polo collars with different shapes, textures, density to get the perfect polo.

The 2 main parts that make up our polo collar claude & storz :


– the collar foot which makes the link with the upper part of our polo shirt, 

– the collar fold which is the most visible part and comprising a trifold, thus giving a polo neck.  


The widest parts at the throat of the collar are called collar points. 

The distance between the two collar points, their lengths and orientations will be the main differentiating elements that make us polo so perfect. 

One and only one polo collar  

Whether you have a rather round, triangular, square or elongated face, the claude & storz polo collar fits you, we made a synthesis and created our own collar. 

So if you still have any doubts about the right polo shirt.

The polo shirt for a round face  

To refine and lengthen your face, we recommend a low neckline with long legs, the claude & storz polo collar. 


Angular face, what a polo shirt 

To soften your features and not accentuate the width of your face, opt for a collar with a small opening, long points and ideally with curves, once again a claude & storz polo shirt


Your face is rather elongated 

To rebalance your too thin or elongated face, opt for a wide opening and/or with rather short tips and yes our polo shirt is perfect for you. 

One polo shirt for every occasion 

Being elegant in all circumstances is the rule when we imagine and create each of our products.



A polo shirt for business 

For a formal outfit, it is rigid enough to allow you to complement your outfit with a tie and a suit. 


A polo shirt for a casual chic style  

To adopt a casual chic look, it has a semi-rigid structure combined with our 100% cotton pique polo shirt material which offers a casual chic look.  


For a sexy casual style 

A casual look our polo shirt is mostly worn without a tie and you can open your polo shirt. 


In case of cerromia the polo shirt claude & Storz under a jacket. 

For a ceremony or event, the semi-rigid polo shirt allows you to slip on a tie.