Saint Tropez Polo T-Shirt

It will remind you the sunrises on the mediterranean sea after the Saint-Tropez crazy hot summer nights and of the incomparable light, vibrating upon the intense green of the Saint Tropez polo fields.

POLO. It is a symbiosis between man, animal and nature.

At each game, players feel a chivalrous power that intensely revives their childhood dreams. In polo armour you are ready for any challenge.


Playing Polo in Saint-Tropez : An Oasis Under the Sun

Saint-Tropez is a popular tourist destination for affluent travelers. Visit the city today, and you’ll end up on a sea-side restaurant patio sipping cocktails next to James Franco or Matthew McConaughey. In the morning, you walk into the Sennequier Café. You enjoy a coffee and breakfast on the picturesque St-Tropez harbor. Tomorrow, you will hit the ball at the Saint-Tropez polo club.

After breakfast, you and your friends take your Riva Aquariva Super to the plage de Pampelonne. You dock your mega yacht between two others. In the distance, you see the celebrity beach hideout, Club 55. You take a seat next to Leonardo DiCaprio wearing a Claude & Storz ” I Play Polo in St-Tropez” t-shirt. Then, you jump in the ocean next to Vanessa Paradis.

What glamour is all about.

First, you and your friends start your evening off at the opulent Byblos Hotel for a drink. Later, you enter the most exclusive club in France, Les Caves du Roy.

Soon, you get escorted through the busy club and share bottles of Laurent Perrier with your friends. Finally, you continue partying in one of les Parcs de St. Tropez’s most exclusive villa. After a night to remember, you wake up to a sunny Saturday morning.

The Place des Lices, a colorful market near the harbor, is the next stop. Here, you buy fresh fruits for yourself and beautiful wildflowers for your wife.

The city’s nightlife is vibrant and it’s markets wonderful, however, they are just icing on the cake. Indeed, what you really came for is French Riviera polo.

Saint Tropez Polo Club

Only 6 km from your night at Les Caves du Roy lies the Saint Tropez Polo Club. Despite its close proximity to the electric nightclubs and restaurants, the polo club is commonly referred to as an oasis under the sun.

For one thing, it is a breath of fresh air from the busy city center. Certainly the perfect mix of glamour and relaxation. You arrive at the Saint-Tropez polo club on Saturday morning for the Golden Wave tournament.

The sun is shining.  To your left, the tables underneath the deep blue umbrellas are calling your name. Soon, you order a cocktail and bask in the pleasance of the atmosphere. In front of you, the polo match intensifies at a fast-pace. Here, every member and guest is dressed in their best polo clothing. For instance, women carry beautiful vintage handbags, and men in car-shoes walk past you to the club’s bar. Instead of going back to Les Parcs de St Tropez, you book a stay in one of the Saint-Tropez Polo Club’s luxury villas. The day is young, and you have a fantastic evening to look forward to.


Play Polo in Saint-Tropez.

The Saint-Tropez Polo club was founded in 1997 by Corrine Schuler, a German doctor. The club immediately attracted top teams and high-profile guests from all around the world. In 2015, Mr. Alshair Fiyaz, a rich Pakistani businessman, took over. With investments of hundreds of million, this new ownership resulted in many fresh changes. Fiyaz is set on making the Saint-Tropez Polo Club one of the world’s most elite, and he is well on his way to achieving that.

Along with four grass polo fields, the club offers a fitness center, spa, cryotherapy center, tennis club, coaching program, and even boasts a Michelin-Starred Italian restaurant. Saint-Tropez polo club is determined to provide the best facilities for the best polo players in the world. And it always looks good doing it.