a dragon is flying on the shanghai polo field

A polo Club in Shanghai ?

The Nine Dragons Hill Polo & Jockey Club has been set in a haven of nature and greenery, a short drive away from the beating heart of Shanghai.

The beauty of the Bund and the buzzing multicultural nightlife of Shanghai seem very far away when you arrive to Zhapuzhen.

Imagine lush Mountains extending as far as the eye can see, the deep blue of China Sea, and nestled in the middle, a polo player and horse lovers paradise.

in Shanghai learning polo has never been so easy

Shanghai Nine Dragons Hill is more then just a polo club.


The Shanghai polo club has been created as part of a gigantic and luxurious holiday resort filled with all the amenities one could dream of.

A racing field for owners of race Ferraris, Bentleys and Maseratis to come take their favorite toy for a spin, a beautiful golf course with cliffs overlooking the see. A yacht club, a mountain bike park, luxury restaurants, a gorgeous hotel that gives the impression that the Italian Riviera has been moved to China !


Most of all this holiday resort holds all the facilities that a polo player or horse lover could dream of. A grass polo field, a sand polo training field, endless polo pony stables with 24/7 care for the horses. An on site veterinarian facility with x-rays and endoscopes to name a few.

The latest tournaments that have been held at the Nine Dragons Hill Polo Club near Shanghai in China are the Ambassadors Cup International Polo Tournament  and the Consul General’s International Polo Cup. With players coming from over 30 different countries and 2000 guests and participants cheering throughout the event and proudly wearing their “I play Polo in Shanghai” Claude & Storz T-Shirt.

Beginner polo players can play polo in Shanghai China from zero to hero.


The Nine Dragons Hill Polo & Jockey Club has been doing a lot for the development of Chinese polo especially with a very attractive and successful “Zero to Hero” program.

An intensive 10 week program for complete beginners who have never ridden a horse before to be able to play polo in practices and even matches in only 3 months.

The only program of this kind for polo beginners in China.

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