Discover at the Dream Come True Ecolodge, a popular sport, accessible to a large audience and pleasant to follow for all spectators.

Aesthetic : A true communion between man and horse.

Spectacular, the riders ride their horses freely, without saddles or bridles. They lead their horses by the braid of their mane which must be long.

This work on t-shirt represents a softpolo player, for whom the Earth is the true wealth. He dreams for the big metropolises to be in cohesion with nature and for his kingdom the Earth to be regenerated.

Different from traditional polo

Soft polo is played on a relatively small field with a playing surface of 200m x 100m. The teams keep the same goal throughout the round. Only one change of sides takes place at half-time. A match lasts 30 minutes and is played in 2 rounds of 15 minutes with a half-time of 8 minutes.

Riders are allowed only one horse per match. This practice invites the rider to spare their horse and to play at a reasonable pace.

The leather ball used covers smaller distances than a traditional polo ball and requires a slower, more tactical game.


  • 1 duo : horse and rider.
  • The rider rides without saddle or bridle.
  • No riding crop or spurs are allowed.
  • In case of foul or injury : change of duo. If there is no substitute, the game continues at 3 vs. 3 or 3 vs. 4.
  • Each team keeps its side for one round.
  • A softball is used to protect the players and horses in case of impact.


The game is easy to follow:

  • Each team keeps the same goal for 15 minutes. The direction of the game does not change.
  • The field is sized so that the spectators are right in the action.