Available for only a fleeting moment in time – and once they disappear, they’re gone forever.

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HAND MADE PRINT street art

ART is a limited edition collector’s T-shirt series. The imaginaries of the greatest street artists collide with Maison Claude & Storz’s universe.


Heroes and dragons clash on the polo field with their souls and hearts. Timeless works that make us smile or dream, that sometimes raise questions, that always take us on board.

He creates to challenge everything he heard growing up. Life is a game. Dreams are within reach.


Polo represents a certain lifestyle, playing polo is madness on every level. It’s extravagant, dangerous, exhilarating and addictive. It’s a gift you give yourself out of passion, to let go, to live fully. Each of Fabien Claude-Storz’s drawings is an anthem to this craziness. One represents the frenzy of a polo player who is constantly changing hemisphere to live an eternal summer and participate in all the tournaments of the world.


Another is dedicated to the euphoria, to the pure physical pleasure felt by the players who throw themselves after the ball.


Printed on T-shirts, these images are worn like armor. It is said that Mayan warriors drew their courage from pectoral jewelry to find the strength to protect their sacred sites. On the ART T-shirts, the emblematic red dragon and white horse of the Maison Claude & Storz protect and cultivate in an explosion of color what we have most precious : our inner child.