blue like the sydney beaches, green like the sydney polo club field

The Sydney Polo Club – A Polo Club in Paradise

The Sydney Polo club lies within the most spectacular city in Australia – and quite possibly the most spectacular city in the world. Players and fans pull up to the Sydney harbor in Gulfstream G650s and Sunseeker Yachts to discover a coastline like no other. Imagine hundreds of multi-million dollar homes coexisting with miles of natural, unspoiled landscapes.


To the left, you can watch a sea of sun-kissed surfers gliding across crystal-clear waters just meters from a family of Kangaroos playing on the beach.

To the right, you can see a booming city full of CEOs, doctors, and stockbrokers counting down the hours and minutes until they can ditch the office and watch their favorite sport.


Which is polo, of course.

sydney is one of the best cities in the world with the beach style, the polo fields, the opera

Many fans and players follow the scenic roads to the entrance of the Polo Club. Located about 70 km from the Sydney city center, fans who value time over money ditch the car and arrive by helicopter -if Sydney does have any negative qualities, traffic would be one-.

Upon arrival, a few lucky spectators watch Kate Moss and Naomi Kimball emerge from a vintage Corvette and enter the massive, wooden doors of the historic farmhouse-style building.


World renowned polo players suit-up in their best apparel, and spectators get seated under white umbrellas to enjoy a glass of champagne in the comfort of the shade. Miles and miles of seemingly untouched forests, rivers, and creaks fill the space behind the polo fields as the players battle for the trophy. After the match has ended, players and spectators sit around long, wooden tables under seventeenth century chandeliers to talk details about the match and enjoy dinner and wine.

couché du soleil dans la campagne de sydney avec 3 chevaux de polo au milieu des arbres.

Sydney Polo Club History


The first ever Australian polo match took place towards the end of the eighteenth century. About 100 years later, the Sydney Polo Club was founded. When the original founder fell ill in the 1990s, Peter Higgens, a well-known polo enthusiast (and multi-millionaire), gained ownership of the 450-acre treasure. Higgens traveled the world to play at the most extravagant locations with the most extravagant people. Imagine playing polo on Prince William’s team in England one week, and landing at the Saint Tropez Polo Club the next.


The Sydney Polo Club’s magnificent landscapes allowed it to turn into a hotbed for high-fashion photo shoots and high-profile weddings. Imagine world-class producers photographers, and engaged celebrities asking to use your club as a backdrop. In 2013, the Great Gatsby film director hand-selected the Sydney Polo Club as the set for several high-class scenes.


In 2017, the Sydney Polo Club’s unparalleled facilities allowed it to host the World Pro Championship – attracting the best polo teams and the most affluent guests to the beautiful coastline of Sydney. It is no wonder why polo is called the Sport of Kings and the King of Sports. Especially when played at one of the most spectacular Polo Clubs in the world.


Members of the Sydney Polo Club 

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