Turn your t-shirt into C&S armour.





Fashion can create more than it consumes.
Download our drawing, print it and enhance your t-shirt.

make our brand a symbol.

wear our values.


The imaginary worlds of the greatest street artists collide with the world of Claude & Storz.

Heroes and dragons compete on the polo field with their souls and hearts. Timeless works that make us smile or dream, that sometimes question, that always embark us. 


Printed on T-shirts, this tag is worn like armor. It is said that the Mayan  warriors drew their courage from pectoral jewelry to protect their sacred sites.

We come or stay in Los Angeles because of a dream. dreams in Los Angeles occupy a place that is specific to them.

Los Angeles is free, you can do whatever you want, embrace what’s new.

In Los Angeles, one knows in one’s heart that anything is possible. Immensity invites creativity.

Wings unfold, not by magic, but through hard work to polish all facets of personalities and make talents shine.

Dreams are projected onto the big screen and come true in life. a life that must be.

Playing polo in Los Angeles means feeling your dragon wings unfold, sharing your dreams and protecting the earth.

When you know, you know.

The red dragon and the white horse, emblematic of the brand, protect and cultivate in an explosion of colors what we have most precious, our child’s soul. 

It evokes the sunrises over the Mediterranean sea and the crazy summer nights of Saint-Tropez. It’s blue vibrates as much as the incomparable light that floods Saint-Tropez.

Polo is a symbiosis between man, animal and nature.

Does the city make the polo club, or does the polo club make the city?

Dubai, Saint-Tropez, London… The auras of polo clubs are intimately linked to the cities that gave birth to them.

These cities are emblematic because they are the dreams of visionaries. An energy gave birth to them on an island, a plain or a desert.

They deserve to be discovered. Take the time to live there, play polo, make friends and meet them after a game of polo, around an asado that will have a more exotic taste and feel than usual.

instagram polo t-shirt

“Everything is energy,and that’s all there is to understand in life. Align yourself with the frequency of the reality you want and that reality will manifest. It cannot be otherwise.

This is not philosophy. It’s physics.” Albert Einstein

The real world and Stagram – the parallel world – form two energy prisms through which we can observe our life on Earth.

In 2021, the world is facing a global pandemic, an energy crisis and disasters caused by climate change.

Humans live in confinement waiting for new hope.

Yet, on STAGRAM, everything seems possible, a more ethical, more ecological world.

In this universe, we see armor with extraordinary powers unfolding.

Worn by knights who make the world a better place. They have the power to lift forests and verticalize cotton cultivation to preserve trillions of liters of water a year.

They are an example, like the flame that ignites in each of us the will and courage to act for our planet.

These men are beautiful and elegant in every sense of the word, they save the world.

They are recognizable thanks to their armor “i play polo in stagram”.

Polo. it is a symbiosis between man, animal and nature.

Dead Face Plays Polo

Playing polo in Paris means taking a step back. It’s leaving the glamorous and hectic urban scene for a moment, and plunging into the green heart of a thick forest. The surrounding movement surrenders to stillness. All the noises of the city are silent to honor the chirping of the birds and the wind in the leaves.

This t-shirt features the green and gold of Claude & Storz, to remind us that Paris is the original city of the brand.

Gold represents the glamour of polo and the brilliance of the golden statues of the City of Light.

The green of our brand, and its ecological mission, is also the green of Paris. A city that proudly accelerates its ecological transition. This deep green also evokes the woods where the Parisian polo fields nest.

Be proud of yourself.

Like you, the panther has great powers. To take full possession of his power, the king must put on the armor. He must be masked to protect his world.

In the armor claude & storz, you do not need to hide, whether you play polo, whether you are with family or friends, you are an example.

You protect your planet in your own way.

You know that the claude & storz armor is more powerful than the sword.

This white I play Polo in Dubai t-shirt evokes the gold of the United Arab Emirates. It also depicts the bright and burning sun, which casts shadows and accentuates contrasts. As if to give contours that do not exist because Dubai is limitless. This t-shirt will be welcome everywhere. At Dubai’s sumptuous polo club, it will brighten up your polo driving range. In the evening, its perfect cut will accompany you in all elegance.

une très belle femme blonde, joueuse de polo habillée en amazone, vit dans un monde fantastique.

A link

The love of an Amazonian polo player for herhorse. With one hand, she holds a red dragon on a leash and with the other, she offers a red apple to her white horse.

In six millennia of in-depth contacts, man and horse have woven an immaterial, deep and invisible bond.

The horse allows you to feel rooted, to know yourself better by identifying your strengths in order to grow.

Courage, perseverance, patience, humility


The land is the real wealth.

The softpolo player dreams that the big metropolises are in cohesion with nature and that his kingdom the Earth is preserved.


Inspired by all polo lovers who read polo love instead of poloarmour. Their instincts only see love, it is their greatest strength.

The armor claude & storz, was created out of love. It is the most powerful and universal force that exists. The one that always points in the right direction.

Express your talent. 

Conquering a new world. Some will say that only those who seek find. They are 10,000% right. Find what? A planet that looks like Earth? Such a welcoming planet? Sometimes what we are looking for is right before our eyes.

Guîtres is the city that hosts in one place the vision of the House Claude & Storz. The sale of our armor, soft polo, the Vertical Cotton laboratory, the ecolodge, street art. This print is our declaration of love for this place and a dream.

All the paths you take are the right ones because all your decisions are the right ones. You are listening to your inner compass, your North Star. What some call a labyrinth is also a straight line.

une très belle femme blonde, joueuse de polo habillée en amazone, vit dans un monde fantastique.

Relive an invaluable moment.


Your t-shirt can take you back in time.


What makes you wear, preserve or keep a garment?

A memory, an emotion.

Your Claude & Storz armor is, in your eyes, invaluable. What if for your future generation it was worth even more?

Imagine putting on the garment your grandfather wore on your first birthday, and being able to relive that day through his eyes in an instant.

Back to the memory is the armor that merges the REAL and the VIRTUAL thanks to the internet. L’étiquette du vêtement comprend un code qui permet d’accéder à un souvenir ineffaçable. 







All t-shirts are available at the Dream Come True Ecolodge.

Alone we go faster,

together we go further 

The earth is calling for partnerships




    We have the same goals, let’s join forces.