You’re a super hero, this is your ARMOUR.

The power of freedom

To be free to do what you want, to surpass yourself and to reach your dreams. To obtain this freedom, we must free ourselves from the physical constraints that hold us back.

The Claude & Storz polo shirt was born from the ambition to offer elegance, comfort and absolute freedom of movement to those who wear it. It is a totally versatile piece, as iconic and timeless as the sport it is named after. 

The Claude & Storz polo shirt reveals the strength and self-confidence of the wearer. By making it beautiful and ready for anything.

It allows you to play polo, cross a jungle with a machete and sit down in a starred restaurant. Like an action movie hero. Always impeccable and ready to fight for what he thinks is right.

Since his birth Claude & Storz has been driven by the desire to defy expectations. Decorating yourself with the dragon’s head gives you the energy, strength, courage and madness you need to perform feats, fly over challenges and enjoy life to the fullest.