You are limitless, so are our jeans

To follow you in extreme conditions, our jeans provide perfect elegance and absolute mobility.

Dry cool system

They bounce off projections of liquid and evaporate perspiration towards the outside. They bring coolness in the hottest climates and thermal protection even on the polar circle.

Designed like a space suit with invincible fabric. 

Our ultra-breathable jeans are made of the most resistant natural organic cotton there is, offering a soft and voluptuous touch.

The Starship has a glove storage system, protection against cosmic rays, micro-projectiles and the possibility for the occupant to protect his most secret belongings.

Athletic and attractive

The sport of polo now has jeans suited for its brutality and refinement. Invincible and proud armour, setting warrior instincts and body intelligence free.

Jeans invented to change fashion.

Unique inseam and armoured crotch montage.


This modern piece of polo armour is made up of several layers to provide maximum comfort and prevents tears. 

  • Made in Paris
  • 100% organic cotton woven in Switzerland
  • Invincible fabric
  • Dry cool system
  • Top Secret Pocket
  • Mother of Pearl buttons
  • Automatic polo gloves storage
  • Zipped leg system
  • Leather seat protection