Claude & Storz polo armour is powerful, elegant and limitless. Invincible on the polo field, it is destined for men with extraordinary abilities.


Vision : Insightful, he builds the future. On the polo field he can predict the next move.

Humility : Ego free, he shines by his fair play as a polo player.

Energy : His vital energy flows freely and guides him. To him, every polo match is a victory.

Fearlessness : Fear is useless to him. In a competition, love and kindness are his weapons. He plays polo with his heart.


You were born with these abilities. They are activated when wearing Claude & Storz armour, forged to release your exceptional abilities. By combining the different pieces of armour you strengthen your super powers.  

The search for perfection is the DNA of Claude & Storz. We design each piece of armour like a Formula 1 team designs a race car. That is why we create a unique model of each piece.