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The Shield, like polo armour, was created out of love.  The most powerful force there is. The one that always points in the right direction.


The superpower we all detain.


After several journeys, the Shield gets a patina and minor scratches. This only makes it more beautiful, richer in stories, journeys and meaning.


It allows Claude & Storz products to meet their owners without creating any packaging and transport waste.


Designed to travel the distance from the Earth to the Moon. 

The minimum life cycle of a Shield is of 18 times around the Earth, which is the distance of a round trip to the Moon. This is our commitment. 

When you return the Shield, you can choose to collect your deposit or to use it to plant trees -in addition to the trees we already plant each time you purchase a Claude & Storz item- and participate in the Earth reforestation.

Our mission never stops

We are keen to retrieve old Shields that have been around the world several times. 

These Shields, through their many journeys, will have spread the message that we can all count on each other to pass love on. Their second life will send the same message. The Shields at the end of their lives will be reworked by Claude & Storz to create objects which sales will benefit environmental causes. 

The values of the Claude & Storz team

As an altruistic company, we make sure that every member of the Claude & Storz team is happy at work, that he or she can support his or her family and build a peaceful future. 

Polo armour is delivered in a Shield.

For Knights who cares.

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